lksdfmlkqjTwo groups visited this exhibition : 2nd SLE & 1ère LVA.
The visit began at 09 :15 am. We went upstairs. The guide gave us pens and notebooks to write some information and to sketch illustrations.
She showed us various posters made by Tomi Ungerer and Thomas Nast and introduced them.
Jean-Thomas Ungerer was born on November, 28th 1931 in Strasbourg. In 1956 he moved to NYC to become an illustrator.
Thomas Nast was born on September, 27th 1840 in Germany. He was an editorial cartoonist. He is the « Father of the American Cartoon. » He helped popularize famous characters such as Uncle Sam, Columbia (they represent the USA), Santa Claus, the Democrat donkey and the Republican elephant.
Some of his cartoons represent politicians drawn as animals to stress their qualities and flaws.

There were drawings against slavery and segregation. One particular illustration made by Thomas Nast depicts a man, Abraham Lincoln, who is standing in front of a group of men. There were also drawings against Segregation (Black power, White power) and particularly against the war in Vietnam (Eat) made by Tomi Ungerer. This part of the visit was my favourite. I learnt a lot about the history of the USA